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Addiction | 沉溺

The video was completed in a dark small hotel room. At that time I was flying from London and receiving two weeks of isolation in Shanghai. Under that circumstance, the smartphone was the only media that connected me with the outside world and alleviated my loneliness. But the problem also came – I began relying on smartphones. Through the little pinhole, beautiful sceneries were brought into the room, but why were we used to neglect it? What is the boundary between the virtual and real worlds?

该作品是在一个昏暗的小旅馆房间里完成的。当时我正从伦敦飞过来,在上海接受为期两周的隔离。在这种情况下,智能手机是我与外界联系的唯一媒介,减轻了我的孤独感。但问题也随之而来——我开始依赖智能手机。美丽的风景通过小孔被带进房间。可我们为什么习惯忽视它呢? 虚拟世界和现实世界的界限是什么?

Artist Bio | 艺术家介绍

Zhifei Liang lives and works in London, United Kingdom. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in architecture at The Architectural Association School of Architecture. She would like to describe how we are living. She thought architecture and mix-media could show our ‘real world’, and address the relationship between the built environment and oneself.


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