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Self | 本体

“Sometimes I want to laugh at how paradoxical everything is; just like after I wrote down the word “paradoxical” I suddenly had to confront the blankness brought up by the word; just like I write these letters in attempt to ease the ache of being separated from you, but when I feel such intense ache to see you, writing becomes just as unbearable as the separation itself.“


——Vesper Jia贾可妮

Vesper Jia | 贾可妮

Vesper Jia (b. China, 1999) is an artist and writer who plays with various materials and explores their metaphorical meaning. She received B.F.A with distinction at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is the author of the book “”Da Capo. ” Inspired by language and literature, she incorporates the essence of imagery and metaphor in her visual artworks. Each physical and representational element of her works could be seen as symbols, through which she celebrates as well as challenges the materiality, and generates as well as provokes reflections. Her works draw a shape of the vital, the mortal, the mystic, and the dualistic, as “works made for contemplation.”

贾可妮 (出生于1999年)是一位艺术家和作家,毕业于芝加哥艺术学院。作品曾在背景图和芝加哥的画廊展出,并曾发表艺术书《Da Capo》。她擅长利用各种材料,探索它们的隐喻意义。受语言和文学的启发,她将意象和隐喻的精髓融入到她的视觉艺术作品中。她作品中的每一个物理和表现元素都可以被视为象征,她通过这些象征来挑战物体的本质,产生和引发思考,她称之为“为沉思而作的作品”。

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Les Petites Morts, 2020, installation, ice, bone ash, dimensions adjustable (2 in each)
Home Sweet Home, 2020, sculpture, sugar, ceramics, 12*7*4 in, ceramic pelvis with grown sugar crystals
Con-Fusion, 2020, performance/installation, sugar and salt, flour and bone ash, clay and ash, Vesper and Sarah, 50*30 in
Réciproque, 2020, bone ash on canvas, 38*22 in
Series of Réfléchi, 2020, bone ash on paper
Series of Composition, 2020, sugar on paper, 10*12.5 in