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Perception | 感知

Made of branches, paints, and mesh fabric, this installation aims to explore the future combination of organic and inorganic boundaries and the thinking and influence that will be brought to our cognitive and understanding about space, as well as the understanding of this matter itself.


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Ariel Li | 李欣芮

Ariel Xinrui Li, is an independent interior designer, installation artist interested in transmedia narrative. She is a master’s candidate of interior design at the Royal College of Art in London. Her work Perception has been exhibited in Beijing Today Art Museum, the 2019 Global Innovative Design Achievements Exhibition, , the 2020 Winter Exhibition, and various large scale domestic and international exhibitions.

李欣芮,英国皇家艺术学院 室内设计研究生在读,独立室内设计师,装置艺术家,跨媒体叙事爱好者,该作品《Perception》曾经展出于北京今日美术馆,2019年全球新锐设计成果展,2020winter exhibition等大型展览。

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