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Oahu Surfer Girls | 欧胡岛的冲浪女孩

Oahu Surfer Girls is an ongoing project inspired by constant trips to Waikiki beach. There, I befriended a tight-knit squad of pro teenage long-boarders and began documenting the young female surfers of Honolulu in January of 2019.


Bea Oyster | 惠美子(贝亚)奥尔斯特

Beatrix “Bea” Emiko Oyster (b. 2000) is a fashion photographer whose work focuses on sisterhood and female adolescence. Born in NYC and raised in Hawai, she now splits her time between Honolulu and Northampton where she studies Art History at Smith College. Her work has been published in Vogue Paris and The Zoe Report among others. In October 2020, Oyster was named one of Diversify Photo’s Up Next Photographers.

惠美子(2000年出生)是一名时尚摄影师。拥有日本血统的惠美子在纽约出生,并在夏威夷长大,现在在檀香山和北安普顿两地生活,她在史密斯女子学院学习艺术史。她的作品发表在Vogue巴黎和Zoe Report等国际知名时尚杂志上。2020年10月,惠美子特被评为Diversify Photo‘ Up Next”摄影师之一。

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