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Zn| 记忆体

Inspired by Francesca Pasquali, “Red Straws” (2015), this installation is a transposition of my previous 2D charcoal landscape into a 3D assemblage of daily industrial materials to demonstrate deforestation. To start off, I was fascinated about relief sculpture, so I carved a piece of Styrofoam into seven layers based on a photograph I took in New Zealand. Then I glued materials, such as nails, zippers, and gears, on the Styrofoam to represent different industries that replaced the forests. During experiments, I accidentally found out Styrofoam melts when spraying on it, so I took use of the specialty and create various textures. With silver spray paint, I achieve a monochromatic work, whereas it reflects its environment and make the audience part of itself. In addition, the work has a wooden frame which play as a sarcasm to the reciprocal relationship it has with the landscape. In conclusion, the installation serves as a symbol of deforestation and delivers an alarming message. 

这个装置作品的灵感来自于Francesca Pasquali的“红色稻草”(2015),它将我之前的2D木炭景观转换成3D的日常工业材料组合,以展示森林砍伐。一开始,我对浮雕很着迷,所以我根据我在新西兰拍的一张照片,把一块聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料雕刻成七层。然后我把钉子、拉链和齿轮等材料粘在聚苯乙烯上,代表不同的行业取代了森林。在实验过程中,我偶然发现喷在上面的聚苯乙烯是可以融化的,所以我利用了这个特长,创造了各种各样的纹理。我用银色喷漆完成了一个单色的作品,但是它反映了它的环境,让观众成为了它的一部分。此外,作品有一个木制框架,这是对它与景观之间的相互关系的一种讽刺。总之,这个装置是森林砍伐的象征,传达了一个警示信息。

Khloris Liu|克洛伊

Khloris Liu is an interdisciplinary artist and product designer. She is currently pursuing a Product Design BFA degree at Parsons School of Design. Having grown up in between the ambiguous political stage of Taiwan and China, she was encouraged to think critically about her relationship with the people around her and the world. She works in various media including fine art, ceramics, wood working and fine metals. Her works are forms of activism that often address topics such as environmentalism and feminism through daily objects and installations. 

Khloris Liu是一位跨学科的艺术家和产品设计师。她目前正在帕森斯设计学院攻读产品设计学士学位。她成长于台湾和中国大陆的模糊政治舞台之间,人们鼓励她批判性地思考自己与周围人和世界的关系。从事美术、陶瓷、木工、金属等多种媒体工作。她的作品是行动主义的形式,经常通过日常用品和装置来处理环保主义和女权主义等主题。

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