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THE ART Fans Store | 艺术粉的铺

“The ART Fans Store” consists of a series of fake DVDs produced by the artist, which he hopes to construct alternative forms of art, a form of “institution criticism”, a sense of humor and irony. The artworld is highly capitalized at the moment, art producers are struggling to balance the duality of one’s identity: between an artist and an art celebrity. Kaihang’s work hopes to unwind the complex interactions within the contemporary art industry, as well as the blooming art fan economy that lies behind the scenes.

《艺术的铺》,通过以艺术家自制的盗版艺术家DVD系列为中心,完成了一种另类的艺术圈内“机构批评” 用幽默而反讽的方式,揭示和探讨了:艺术世界高度资本化的当下,每个人都在艺术明星与艺术粉丝的身份中勾连纠缠,以及当代艺术产业在这种艺术粉丝经济中的各种复杂关系。

Kaihang Yang | 杨凯航

Kaihang Yang graduated from the School of Arts at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Parsons School of Art and Design in New York. Yang’s works aim to deconstruct the complex relationship and interaction of “contemporary art” in linguistics and cultural context. He also explores issues toward identity, ethnic group, consumerism, and other directions through images, behaviors, installations, construction scenes and institutional critiques.

杨凯航毕业于北京清华大学美术学院与美国纽约帕森斯艺术设计学院。 杨凯航 的作品通过 影像、行为、装置、建构情景、机构批评等方式重新解构“当代艺术”在语言学、文化语境、身份族群、消费主义等方向复杂关系与相互影响。