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Buttered Liberty | 黄油与自由

1cm is horned to bring Brown based animation artist Ivery Chen and her two short animations Butted Up and Liberty. With exaggerated brush strokes and humor, the artist boldly explores today’s social phenomena and sensitive political issues with the retro tone of last century’s films.


Ivery Chen | 陈嘉嘉

Ivery Chen is currently pursuing a dual visual arts degree at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. She works in film, animation, video, and computer science. Ever since she discovered her passion for photography, Ivery began knew to tell stories in the most innovative ways, through a combination of collage and 3D animation.


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Buttered Up | 上黄油

Pancake into butterfly, butterfly onto shirt. It’s an animation about morphing.


Pancake into butterfly, butterfly onto shirt. It’s an animation about morphing.

Arsenal Streets | 军器厂街

The piece intends to portray the Hong Kong protest in a way not depicted in media. The animation shows three occasions, spread across late June until late November, that are peaceful methods Hong Kong protestors used to unite the country in their work against the Extradition Bill. The first occasion shows a truck driver parks his vehicle across the road to stop the police cars from stopping the student protestors; second shows protestors queueing up in Yuen Lang to buy ‘Wife Cakes’, as a result of the ban from public gathering; third shows a student sticking posters of Pepe the frog, a symbol of the HK protest, in an effort to recall love and support for the protestation.