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They | 他们

“Exploring gender identity for me means examining and deconstructing the ways in which all things are assigned gender—not just my own body, traits, and presentation, but how all people, behaviors, objects, emotions, words, and beyond are processed by society and by individuals through a binary lens. It also fascinates me to think about how everyone, cis and trans alike, feels compelled to perform gender, to have goals and ambitions for their presentation. Accepting they/them is embracing my own ambitions while rejecting the binary lens as a toxic limitation on accepting the multiplicity and possibility of being.”


Artist Bio | 艺术家介绍

Hui Ma (b.1996, China) is a visual artist based in Shanghai and New York. Hui is a queer illustrator and graphic designer who travels between China and the United State. She has earned a BA from Tsinghua University and an MFA degree at the School of Visual Art, Illustration as Visual Essay program, and MFA Communication Design at Pratt Institute. She is mostly inspired by stories related to people of color, gender minorities, and her own dreams. When she is not drawing, she enjoys making handmade accessories, watching old movies with wine, or visiting a new place and talk to strangers.


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