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When Japanese Anime Meet Fine Art | 当二次元撞见纯艺术

“For 1cm curation team, Genko’s Japanese anime illustrations is a new opening, a new set of art methodologies that challenge traditional art exhibitions. Art exhibitions should not be limited to fine art, photography, and massive installations, but should be integrated into the public, expressing all elements of life, including the two-dimensional, emotional, and fragments of the momentary. Genko’s work is one that kind, that explores how things are loved and justified through the anime culture.”


Artist Bio | 艺术家介绍

Genko Sihan Zhang (b.2005, China) is an illustration artist based in Shanghai. Genko is an independent illustrator and anime fan interested in the notion of drawing for the ultimate pursuit of happiness. When she is not drawing, she enjoys her time with her cat, Japanese anime, and the color blue.

Genko 曾思涵(2005年出生于中国上海),是名独立插画师,也是1CM艺术库里最年轻的新生代艺术家。她的创作灵感主要来自于日本二次元文化。在不创作的时候,插画家认为自己”是一个喜欢蓝色的普通人,希望能用图画来说话,希望能画出真正让人幸福的图“。